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Bopp & Reuther
Bopp & Reuther was founded in 1872 as a manufacturer of pumps and heavy-duty valves. The patent for the oval gear meter was obtained in 1932. The oval gear meter is still the main productline of the Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik GmbH in Speyer. From the smallest Flowal Plus series till the heavy-duty OaP loading oval gear meter, a large measuring range can be covered with a high accuracy over many years. Other innovative products include the DIMF oscillation fork density meter, the ZGA gas separator and the RQ turbine meter. Below you can find some highlighted products. To see the entire Bopp & Reuther product range, check the website:
Oval gear meter
Oval gear meters are direct volume meters. The measuring element of an oval gear meter consists of two toothed precision oval wheels, which are driven by the liquid and roll around each revolution of the oval wheel pair. The number of revolutions is an exact measure of the quantity, which flows through. For more information: click here..
Turbine meter
Measurement of liquids and liquefied gases in the chemical and petrochemical industry, petroleum industry, particularly at high operating pressures, high operating temperatures and low viscosities. The turbine meter is an indirect volume meter. It essentially consists of a freely rotating axial turbine wheel in a liquid flow. The turbine wheel is rotated by the liquid and spins at a rotational speed, which corresponds to the average flow velocity of the liquid in the free cross section of the turbine flow meter. The rotational speed of the turbine wheel is thus proportional to the volumetric flow and the number of revolutions is proportional to the volume, which flows through. For more information: click here..
Density meter
The DIMF series of density sensors provides the possibility for the continuous measurement of the density and concentration of liquids, liquid mixtures and multiphase fluids. The central component of the DIMF series of density sensors is an oscillation element. The liquid to be measured flows through the oscillation element, which is electromagnetically excited and oscillates at its characteristic frequency. Changes in density result in changes in the characteristic frequency. These frequency changes are measured. The frequency is registered directly by the transmitter, type TR, and transformed into a signal proportional to the density and concentration. For more information: click here..
Centrifugal gas separator and strainer
Strainers and gas separators are essential components in accurate loading applications for low viscosity liquids. Bopp & Reuther delivers high quality solutions with a very long lifespan, fitted for the most demanding industrial environments. For more information: click here..