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The history of Heinrichs Messtechnik  started with the design of mechanical Variable Area Flow Meter in 1911. In 1913 they moved from Düsseldorf to Cologne. In the early 1960’s the company started with the manufacturing of All Metall Variable Area Flow Meters to meet the increasing standards of the chemical industry. As one of the first manufacturers in Europe Heinrichs Messtechnik started with the serial production of Magnetic Inductive Flow Meters in the late 1960’s and was able to set benchmarks in terms of measuring accuracy and long term stability. In the mid 1980’s Heinrichs - as the first company in Europe - developed a Mass Flow Meter according the Coriolis principle and expanded the Coriolis product range constantly in the following years. Heinrichs developed e.g. instruments made from titanium, hastelloy or tantalum who became reference in the chemical and petrochemical industry. The adaption of microprocessor technologies in the 1990’s led to modern communication technologies like HART, Profibus and MODBUS. With the Fieldbus Foundation protocol Heinrichs now offers all relevant communication technologies. Heinrichs Messtechnik offers competence, flexibility and tailor made solutions e.g. special materials, high temperature and high pressure versions to customers in the chemical / petrochemical industry, oil and gas industry, energy and plant engineering. Below you can find some highlighted products. To see the entire Heinrichs product range, check the website:
Coriolis flow meter
Coriolis flow meters for the metering of liquids and gases, viscous and corrosive media. Applications: chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industries. Simultaneous metering of mass flow, density, temperature and volumetric flow. For more information: click here..
Variable area flow meter
Flow metering of liquids and gases. For more information: click here..
Target flow meter
Flow metering of liquids in pipelines. Particularly suitable for flow measurements of e.g. highly polluted waste water. For more information: click here..
Electromagnetic flow meter
Volume flow measurement of electrically conductive liquids, slurries and pastes without loss of pressure. For more information: click here..