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Jumo was founded in 1947 in Fulda (Germany) and started off with the production of glass thermometers. Since then they developped a wide range of products for temperature measurement, liquid analysis and pressure measurement. In 1971 Jumo Automation was established in Eupen and their product diversity expanded: new products were launched, including the very popular graphical datalogger and an innovative modular measure- control and automation system. All products are developed and manufactured in-house, which leads to increased flexibility and ensures the quality. Below you can find some highlighted products. To see the entire Jumo product range, check the website: , level detection,
The modular mTRON T system has an ethernet-based systembus and integrated PLC voor decentralised automation tasks. For more information: click here..
Logoscreen 600
The Logoscreen 600 is a graphical data logger with touchscreen. For more information: click here..
Jumo offers a wide product range for liquid analysis for different applications in the drinking-, waste- and processwater production. For more information: click here..