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Maxx Meß- und Probenahmetechnik GmbH is an independent German production company for automatic samplers and related measuring instruments. It is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of water samplers, offering the widest range of products - from the smallest portable device up to a complete measuring and sampling container station. From technically field-proven standard products to special customized solutions … it is all possible with very competitive lead times. The company’s technical concepts are trend-setting and documented by numerous patents and registered utility models. Their highly flexible production is very well organized, assuring fast processing times and best quality. All the important things are done by themselves - design and development, production, product support and technical service. MAXX is fast, competent and a pleasure to work with. Below you can find some highlighted products. To see the entire Maxx product range, check the website: .
Sampler in stainless steel housing with plastic top and separate compartments for sampling and control, each with a lockable door. Self-contained, controlled cooling / heating to keep the temperature in the sample compartment at 4°C (adjustable from 0°C-9,9°C). It has 12 freely programmable user programs, signal inputs and outputs, accurate sample volume and internal data logger to save sample data. Sampling method: vacuum system / vacuum VAR flow-proportional system/ bypass system / peristaltic pump. Different bottle dimensions are possible. For more information: click here..
Compact sampler in plastic housing, for a more economical solution. For more information: click here..
Specials. Contact us for more information..
P6 L
Portable compact unit with integrated distributor, for fully automatic sampling according to the vacuum principle. Available with distributor and various bottle types. For more information: click here..