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REMBE: Process safety
REMBE rupture discs are high precision safety devices that incorporate state-of-the-art technology. They are individually manufactured and tested for every application. When the pressure reaches a pre-defined limit the rupture disc opens to relieve the system. Rupture discs can be used as either a primary or secondary relief devices. They can also be used in combination with safety valves. The advantage here is that the valve is protected against contamination by the product or corrosion damage. This is often an attractive and cost-effective option. All REMBE rupture discs are Made in Germany and certified in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED – 2014/68/EU) as well as all widely recognised and sector-specific international regulations and standards. Among others, these include ASME Sec. VIII, Div. 1, KOSHA (South Korea). Below you can find some highlighted products. To see the entire REMBE product range, check the website: .
Reverse Acting Rupture Discs
Reverse acting rupture discs are installed with the domed side of the rupture disc facing the process. In this configuration, the rupture disc offers a higher standard operating ratio and better vacuum resistance. It is more resistant, more rugged and gives a longer service life. For more information: click here..
Forward Acting Rupture Discs
In forward acting rupture discs, the domed side of the disc faces away from the process. At REMBE we also use state-of-the-art laser production techniques when manufacturing forward acting rupture discs. For more information: click here..
Flat Rupture Discs
Flat rupture discs from REMBE offer you fragmentation-free opening across the full width of the vent. They can be produced in virtually any size, for extremely low pressures from 15 mbar and with very low burst tolerances. For protection against overpressure and vacuum, e.g. in storage vessels and low pressure systems. Also suitable as a secondary safety device alongside breather valves. For more information: click here..
Customised Compact Rupture Discs
Very high or low pressures, high vacuums, temperatures of several hundred degrees Celsius, highly volatile media or difficult installation situations – if your processes have exceptionally high pressure relief requirements, you will find the optimum solution in the following section. For more information: click here..
Holders, signalling & breather valves
REMBE guarantees perfect installation and performance if you mount your rupture disc with the REMBE disc holders. The rupture discs can be fitted with a signalling device. The Elevent pressure and vacuum relief valve provides optimum protection against overpressure and vacuum for vessels and tanks with low design pressures. For more information: click here..