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In 2018 TriOS Mess- und Datentechnik is celebrating its 20th anniversary.   What started in 1998 as a one-man company and university spin-off, became an innovative, high-performing and established German producer of high quality optical measurement technology for water quality measurement.   TriOS has been able to maintain the highest quality thanks to consistent investments in modern production-machinery, actions for production optimalisation and related quality improvements, hiring and educating new employees and long-term contracts with their electronic components suppliers.   The company primarily focuses on optical immersion sensors for research and analysis of drinking water, wastewater, surface water and industrial applications. With fluorometers and photometers in VIS and UV area and through spectral and/or single wavelength measurement principles it is possible to measure online following parameters: NO3 – N, NO2-N, CODeq, BODeq, DOC eq, TOCeq, TSSeq, KHP, SAC254, COD-SACeq and BOD-SACeq. Also colour measurement of liquids, detection of poly-aromatic hydrocarbons and oil in water are possible. Trough the available transmitters, the measurements can be logged and at the same time be used for automatic control of water purification or production optimisation. TriOS has recently invested in a completely new eCHEM (pH, DO, conductivity, chlorine..) and Turbidity technology. As a result from this, starting January 2018 a complete portfolio for online water analysis and parameter monitoring will be put in the market. Below you can find some highlighted products. To see the entire TriOS product range, check the website: .
Digital, optical photometric InSitu sensor for nitrate with turbidity compensation. For more information: click here..
LISA color
Low-cost state-of-the-art color sensor with innovative long lifetime LED technology. For more information: click here..
UV spectral sensor for the online measurement of nitrogens and carbons with a resolution of 0.8 nm/pixel. For more information: click here..
NanoFlu fluorometers are low-priced, submersible miniaturized fluorometers for highly precise and selective measurement of FDOM (fluorescent dissolved organic matter, yellow substances), chlorophyll A or phycocyanin in cyanobacteria. For more information: click here..
Controllers and specials
Display and control units for all TriOS sensors. For more information: click here..